My Vision Security ltd.

Retail Security

All Retail Security Officers are trained in dealing with items such as Patrolling to P.A.C.E (Police and Criminal Evidence Act) and Criminal Law, including Health and Safety (SIA approved training), Fire Safety, and First Aid

My Vision Security Services offers a complete Retail Protection Package comprising of:

Uniformed Officers

Highly trained in retail security - and highly visible - our uniformed officers provide full security cover wherever it's needed. Not just in identifying and observing known or potential shoplifters and vandals but also for cash escorts, staff searches and warehouse delivery checks. All My Vision Security Ltd. personnel are fully conversant with the legally correct procedures for collecting evidence and making arrests.

Store Detectives

Working in "plain clothes", our store detectives work invisibly alongside your own security teams, assisting in the crime detection and deterrence process. Like our uniformed officers they are also trained in all the legal aspects of making arrests and collecting evidence. If suspected wrongdoers are detained, our detectives help make sure that apprehension is conducted within the law, so that the suspect can be swiftly dealt with through the criminal justice system.