My Vision Security ltd.

Site Survey

My Vision Security Limited places considerable emphasis on the initial detailed survey.

My Vision carries out the survey free of charge to establish:

  • Vulnerable areas
  • Operating conditions, including security requirements
  • Correct interpretation of the client's own specification, to draw up individual security recommendations and proposals
  • Health & Safety Risk Assessment

My Vision Security Limited's security team is trained to discuss individual requirements and to design a security package for any risk. In particular, the team is qualified to anticipate and solve any inherent operating problems and by accurate assessment, to arrive at a price which MVS can quote with confidence.

Specifically, security personnel will direct their efforts to such aspects as:

  • First Aid
  • Fire Prevention
  • Customer Liaison
  • General Security
  • Flood Prevention
  • Manning Reception
  • Monitoring Visitors
  • Safe Custody of Keys
  • Monitoring of Special Areas
  • Protection Against Intruders
  • Inspection of Security Lighting
  • Identification of Persons On-Site
  • Liaison with all Emergency Services
  • Monitoring of Electronic Security Aids
  • Search personnel (if required by Client)
  • Control - all necessary use of lighting, heating, water etc.
  • Major Disaster Incidents
  • Payroll protection, monitoring on-site equipment (on clients' special instruction)
  • Any other duties, mutually agreed between both parties