My Vision Security ltd.

Key Holding and Alarm Response

This service is when the customer's keys are kept within the My Vision Control Room on the key tracker system. The keys are kept in a secure cabinet and all key movements are monitored stringently, ensuring no breaches of security take place. Once taken out of the control room the keys are secured in the mobile vehicle which is attending the activation. Having no markings, just number coded if the keys are lost or stolen the customers' name is not identified, causing no breach of security.

The Mobile Officer attending the activation will hold the assignment instructions for the premises and knows exactly what to do upon arrival at the site. The security officer will make a thorough external check of the premises and report findings to My Vision Control. The Security Officer will then enter the building and check internally, again contacting Control, and the alarm engineer will be contacted if the alarm cannot be set by the Security Officer on site. A full incident report will be provided detailing the event and all actions taken.