My Vision Security ltd.

Loss Prevention

The Loss Prevention Division provides an efficient and cost effective solution to stock loss. A major contributory factor to stock loss is the poor adherence to procedures so we add to our risk assessments a bespoke compliance monitoring programme.

The Division is divided into two departments, Audit & Compliance.

As part of the Loss Control Programme we conduct a three-stage process:

Stage 1

Assessment of current procedures to evaluate where abuse may take place.

Stage 2

Shop floor audits to assess what actually happens and identify procedural gaps and report on all findings and recommendations.

Stage 3

Implementation of agreed recommendations throughout the business supported with compliance visits weighted and scored to provide objective measurement allowing comparisons to be made at branch, area, region or group basis.


Our experienced investigators carry out all forms of enquiry, both procedural and crime related. Each incident is examined on a cost versus solution basis. These may include:

Undercover Operations

Placing a trained operative inside a client's workforce to provide "Management Information" on staff and systems.

Staff Checks

Undertaking stops and search actions to check bags, lockers, vehicles etc.


Deploying both static and mobile surveillance teams to observe both employee and stock movements.