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About Us

About Us

My Vision Security Limited was formed in January 2007 and has built its reputation on providing security personnel of the highest calibre. These objectives have been achieved by offering above average terms and conditions of employment, together with a highly qualified and motivated management structure.

My Vision provides the highest standards of efficiency to all organisations, both large and small. We understand the importance of first impressions and that our personnel are often the first point of contact for visitors. Our officers are our best ambassadors which is why we invest heavily in our staff and, in return, My Vision Security has reaped the benefits of a client portfolio which has steadily grown on our company's reputation for excellence.

At My Vision, we do not simply supply security personnel; we deliver the first-class management systems required to make them properly effective. Our Quality Management Systems are fully compliant with BS EN ISO: 9000, which are regularly assessed, both internally and externally. We have a 'hands-on' approach to management which ensures that as a client you always have direct access to our management up to, and including, the Directors themselves.

All My Vision Security executives are on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week, making regular announced and unannounced visits to sites. These visits not only help to maintain security standards, but also give every one of our staff regular access to senior management. We believe that such accessibility is what makes My Vision Security different to our competitors. We work for you as a team and while responsibility is devolved throughout the team, we never forget that ultimate responsibility rests with senior management. In our view, lines of communication should be short and utterly transparent - at My Vision, they are.